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Watch this timelapse video of Stephanie making The Robyn's Nest

In Memory of Dr. Robyn Rairigh

The Robyn's Nest Project is the name given to a memorial piece created for Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian St. Luke’s, in memory of Dr. Robyn Rairigh, a neonatologist who worked at the hospital and passed away in 2012. The mural, whose theme is a robin’s nest, symbolizes Dr. Robyn's nurturing personality. I hope it also conveys her love of the outdoors, her adventurous spirit and the effect she had on the lives of many families. The mural hangs in a special area on the neonatology floor. An area that provides a small respite for patients and their families, a place to enjoy time together - with books, toys, cheerful furniture - and the mural at the center of it all - a little escape into Robyn’s “Nest”.